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  • The NCRA is the only national network dedicated to advancing the interests of stenographic court reporters.
  • As a member, you benefit from the power of the national network to gain deep discounts with liability insurance, speed building resources, and more.
  • You also gain access to networking opportunities and educational experiences that will give you a leg up on your career.
  • For students, NCRA is an extension of classroom learning. Take control of your career and receive full student benefits at a great rate.  

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For members joining April through December, a reduced prorated invoice will be issued upon renewal.

Participating Membership

Student Membership

Associate Membership

Available to: Stenographic Court Reporters, Broadcast Captioners, and CART Providers

Dues: $285.00* US; $160.00* International.

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For those presently enrolled in a formal stenographic court reporting program/school or a scoping program/school.

Dues: $46.00

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Available to: Instructors, school officials, agency owners, scopists, vendors, attorneys, paralegals, Certified Legal Video Specialists, as well as other selected professions.

Dues: $175.00* for US; $130.00* International.

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