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Member Benefit - Be Visible

Be Visible

  • Reach your widest audience and be listed in NCRA's print and online Sourcebook. Want more visibility? Contact to upgrade your listing.*
  • Receive the printed NCRA Sourcebook, a resource and referral network. **
Member Benefit - Stay Informed

 Stay Informed

  • Stay informed with your annual subscription to the Journal of Court Reporting (JCR), the premier resource for court reporting professionals. Learn more at
  • Stay in the know with the JCR Weekly, a digest of court reporting news and technology trends delivered directly to your inbox.
Member Benefit - Stay Educated

 Stay Educated

Member Benefit - Save Money

Save Money

  • Take advantage of NCRA member discounts for exams and premier events
  • Access discounts for a variety of suppliers, with no cost to sign up, through the NCRA Saving Center
  • Save on NCRA Store items like the RPR Study Guide, a comprehensive guide written by testing experts.
  • Stay protected with Mercer insurance, including cyber liability insurance, health insurance, equipment insurance, pet insurance, and errors and omissions insurance
Member Benefit - Be Active

Be Active

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*Student and retired members are not  listed in the Sourcebook, but do receive a complimentary print copy.

**The list for the printed edition is pulled on April 15 of each year. If you are not a member by this date, your printed listing will not appear until the following year.

***Students may take the RPR or CRC exam, and will automatically be converted to registered member status once certified.  (A Registered member must hold RPR or CRC designation or higher).

**** Only Registered members are eligible to serve on the NCRA's Board of Directors. (Registered members must hold RPR or CRC designation or higher.)

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