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Awards & Contests

Fellows of the Academy of Professional Reporters

Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters is a professional distinction conferred upon a person of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in the field of shorthand reporting. Candidates for Fellowship are required to have been in the active practice of reporting for at least 10 years and to have attained distinction as measured by performance (which includes publication of important papers, creative contributions, service on committees or boards, teaching, etc.).

NCRA is currently seeking nominations for its Academy of Professional Reporters.  Please read the directions and submit the nomination form no later than December 31.

Any questions, contact Cynthia Bruce Andrews, Director of Professional Development Programs at

Fellows 2017

Jan Ballman
Jana Colter
Judith Lehman
Philip Marrone
Sarah Nageotte
Breck Record
Doreen Sutton

Fellows 2016

Nancy J. Hopp
Lisa A. Knight
Kimberley A. Neeson
L. Alan Peacock
Jennifer L. Schuck
Kathryn R. Sweeney

List of Previous Fellows