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StenoCAT Webinar -- File Management Copying In/Out

Learn how to import and export files. Learn how to back up all your jobs using either the StenoCAT Explorer or the Windows Explorer tools.
StenoCAT Webinar -- InSync Recording Volume/Quality

Learn how to setup InSync and adjust the recording and playback levels for improved audio quality. Record and synchronize audio in Realtime and playback while editing.
StenoCAT Webinar -- Automatic Indexing, Part I

Learn the basics of the Auto-Indexing tool in StenoCAT. Learn how to insert index entries for examinations and exhibits in order to generate an automatic index.
StenoCAT Webinar -- Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn useful Keyboard Shortcuts (beyond SmartKeys) to navigate through Windows and StenoCAT efficiently. You are fast on your keyboard in StenoCAT, be fast everywhere else too.

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