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NCRA Meetings Calendar - List

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NCRA's Certification Exams

NCRA's RPR, RMR, CRR, CBC and CCP skills tests. Deadline to register is October 10.
"Ethics, Grammar and Humor"

Get It Done In A Day, The Fun Way! Get 1 unit (10 hours) of CEUs in one laugh-packed, content-rich day! We believe that CEU programs should be fun as well as educational. Don’t you?
StenoCAT Webinar -- InSync Recording Volume/Quality

Learn how to setup InSync and adjust the recording and playback levels for improved audio quality. Record and synchronize audio in Realtime and playback while editing.
StenoCAT Webinar -- Automatic Indexing, Part II

Learn how to format, customize the index, how to save the index layout to your template and further information about the indexing feature built into StenoCAT.
StenoCAT Webinar -- Creating A Template From Scratch

Learn how to create a template from scratch. Learn what measurements need to be taken, how to take them and translated them into your transcript.
NCRA Board of Directors Meeting

NCRA Board Meetings are open to members who wish to observe their elected leaders in action.

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