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Punctuation from A to V, Parts 1 and 2

March 24 - 25, 2018

A review of all the major punctuation marks

This two-day seminar will review all the major punctuation marks, from apostrophes to virgules, and discuss their application to material taken from actual transcripts. The examples, in addition to relatively simple sentences, will include confusing and awkward passages ("cluster puncs") where the rules either don't seem to apply or call for some educated ingenuity to make the meaning clear. The seminars will be in a workshop format, with open discussion by all participants, both in-house and online. At the end of the seminars, all participants will receive an electronic version of everything we've covered, indexed and formatted, so that they'll have a ready reference to consult on their computer.

Brown College of Court Reporting, Atlanta, GA
Also live-streamed on the Internet

Contact Info:
Art Cochran

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