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MAPCR Annual Convention

March 2 - 3, 2018

2018 MAPCR Annual Convention

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Come joint us in Michigan for a great line up of speakers!

Anissa Nierenberger - Terminate Transcript Turmoil part 2; Captioning is for you!; Brief Families = Quick Tricks!

Carol Spinweber, MS,RN
Trauma Program Manager
St. Joseph Mercy Oakland ACS Verified Trauma Center
Stop The Bleed is an effort from the American College of Surgeons and a campaign from the White House which is taking hemorrhage control techniques that work in the military and putting them to work in the civilian nonmedical trained community, in order to stop hemorrhaging such as what occurred in Las Vegas. It is teaching, without medical training, how to pack a wound, how to place a tourniquet, and how to compress a hemorrhage until EMS can arrive. It can help save someone from bleeding to death.

NCRA Representative
Today’s new technology is yesterday’s news. Staying at the top of your game is vital to your success in the court reporting and captioning arenas. We will explore the impact technology has had on our profession and the importance of staying current with new technology to ensure that you support the services you provide your clients. The presentation includes an overview of some of the latest in hardware and software products

Jon Moretti, Michigan Chair
A-Z Program

And more to be determined!

Johnson Center
Cleary University
Howell, Michigan

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