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CART & CAPTION A to Z, Week 1

September 9, 2017
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

CART and Broadcast Captioning taught on ten Saturday mornings via GoToMeeting by Gayl Hardeman, CRC, 25-year CART Captioner and veteran CART Educator, and Karla Ray, CRC, Broadcast Captioner and former VITAC Trainer.

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Pre-approved for 2.05 total points (1.8 CEUs, .25 PDCs) these twenty (20) hours of classroom instruction by Gayl Hardeman and Karla Ray, with homework assignments required each week for CEU credit, is open to all high-speed students, court reporters, and existing CART or Broadcast captioners who would like to learn the other side of the business. The course topics are:
Week 1. Realtime Writing Concepts and Evaluations.
Week 2. Dictionary and Vocabulary Building.
Week 3. Software Training - CaseCATalyst and BCS.
Week 4. On-site CART and Troubleshooting
Week 5. Remote CART and Troubleshooting
Week 6. Broadcast Captioning and Troubleshooting
Week 7. Ethics and Cultural Sensitivity
Week 8. Marketing and Business
Week 9. Internship and Evaluation
Week 10. Mock CRC Written and Skills
Price $799. All major credit cards are accepted. Register for the class by calling or emailing Michael Agostinelli, President, Hardeman Realtime Inc.;

Online via GoToMeeting.

Contact Info:
Michael Agostinelli, 877-372-2278,
President, Hardeman School of Court Reporting & Captioning,

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