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Electronic/Digital Recording

ER Resource Library - States

This Electronic Resource Library allows you to browse individual documents on issues concerning electronic recording (ER). Please feel free to use these articles for your information and research purposes. We will continue to add material as it becomes available.


Alabama - Georgia

  • County Courts To Phase Out Court Reporters FL
    Lee and Collier counties criminal courts will be starting to phase out court reporters and replacing them with ER.
  • ER cost projection CA
    This paper talks about the miscalculations that occur in the Judicial Council of California's report regarding the costs of replacing court reporters with ER.
  • Replacing Court Reporters with ER, FL
    Article regarding the replacement of court reporters with ER in Florida. The article questions how this could affect the courts and the record.
  • Justice goes digital, FL
    This article talks about the spread of ER in Florida and the loss of court reporting jobs.
  • Courtsmart Issues in Florida
    This document contains a letter to a House and Senate members in Florida identifying problems with CourtSmart and a log containing day to day problems with CourtSmart.
  • Report on ER, AL, part 1
    Report from the Video Court Reporting Study Committee to the Circuit Judges' Association Executive Committee in Alabama. It also contains a summary of the Judicial Conference Committee on court administration and case management and an evaluation of videotaping court proceedings.
  • Report on ER, AL, part 2
    This part of the report examines the use of videotape records on appeal.
  • Report on ER, AL, part 3
    This section of the report deal with video recording and the computer integrated courtroom, an evaluation of two court reporting technologies.
  • Report on ER, AL, part 4
    A continuation of the use of videotape records on appeal. Also a letter regarding the Video/CIC evaluation report.
  • Report on ER, AL, part 5
    Includes a survey of attorneys in Fayette and Jefferson Counties regarding their experiences with court reporting services in the circuit courts.

Hawaii - Maryland

Massachusetts - New Mexico

  • MCRA's Response to Transcript Study
    MCRA defends court reporters as the best transcript providers. Comments touch on the need for certification, management, realtime capability, alternative technologies, and cost effectiveness.
  • Approval of ER MI
    This section contains a memo from the State Court Administrator of Michigan to the Judges, Court Administrators, and Clerks regarding the creation of an ER checklist. The checklist was created to ensure quality standards for an ER system before it can be used to take the record. A copy of the checklist is enclosed. Also, there is a glossary of technical terms related to digital audio recording systems.
  • Tampering with Tapes NJ
    This document contains a compilation of audio tape and video tape failures. It lists real events that have taken place throughout history that bring into question the reliability of using ER for the record.

New York - South Carolina

  • Effects of ER NY, part 1
    A report regarding the effect of ER in the New York State court system. The conclusion is that ER is an affective way of making the record.
  • Effects of ER NY, part 2
    This section contains Appendix A, B, and C for the report regarding ER in New York State.
  • ER Report OR
    Report of the Appellate Videotape Evaluation Committee of Oregon. This report looks at video records in the appellate process, costs and other effects on the appellate process to determine the effects of an ER record.
  • Final Statement on Minority Report SC
    Statement of the Supreme Court (SC) on the final report of the committee on court reporting. The statement adds up to a cautious move to ER.
  • Live Reporters Show Worth OH
    Article regarding the move back to court reporters in Butler County Common Pleas Court (OH) after problems with ER. They decided their were too many short comings with ER including incomplete transcripts.
  • Minority Report on Court Reporting SC
    This contains the Supreme Court Committee on Court Reporting minority report. The minority report contains recommendations which in many respects don't vary from those of the majority. The minority finds the majority report ambiguous.

South Dakota - Wyoming

  • Report on ER WI
    The following document pertains to court reporting technology.




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