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Schedules & Deadlines

"The purpose of the National Committee of State Associations is to provide a forum of state association leaders to meet at the time of the Annual Convention of the National Association for purposes of exchanging experiences, information and various points of view involving the Association and the profession. The National Committee may also adopt resolution statements for purposes of information, positions, and/or guidance to be considered by affiliated associations and the National Association. Minutes of the meeting of the National Committee shall be prepared for the information of the affiliated units and the National Association."

Following is a list of dates and deadlines for activities of the National Committee of State Associations for 2014:

NCSA Schedule 2014

April 15

Mailing to State Affiliate Presidents concerning resolutions and deadlines.

May 4 

Mailing State Affiliate Presidents concerning the appointment of NCSA Delegates/Alternates, Top Three Issues Questionnaire and Information Exchange Form to Headquarters.

June 12  

Deadline for submitting resolutions for the 2014 Annual NCSA Meeting to NCRA Headquarters.

Deadline for reciept of Top Three Issues Questionnaire and Information Exchange forms to NCRA Headquarters. 

Week of 6/21

Resolutions Committee Conference Call.

June 26 

Resolutions Committee to return to affiliated associations any resolutions which need clarification.

July 6 

Deadline for submitting names of 2014 delegates and alternates to NCRA headquarters.

July 6

Deadline for affiliated associations to return clarified resolutions to the Resolutions Committee, c/o Adam Finkel, Senior Government Relations Specialist, at NCRA Headquarters.

July 17

Mailing to delegates and alternates of 2014 NCSA Meeting agenda with resolutions and position statements.

July 31

2014 Annual NCSA Reception – SanFrancisco, Ca.

August 1

2013 Annual NCSA Meeting - SanFrancisco, Ca.


 Last updated November 27, 2013.