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State Leadership

Welcome to the National Committee of State Associations

The National Committee of State Associations (NCSA) is one of NCRA’s most vital and active committees.  Functioning as a conduit between state associations and the NCRA Board, NCSA performs a critical role within NCRA by providing a forum for state leaders to discuss issues and propose improvements to NCRA’s governance, policies, and procedures.  NCSA gives voice to state affiliates on the national level.  NCSA protects, informs, and educates affiliates and helps the board understand the needs of affiliates.


2017-2018 NCSA state challenge


The NCSA challenge calls on all state associations to join forces with their members to spread the word about the benefits of a career in court reporting or captioning for the chance to win complimentary registrations to NCRA events or vouchers for continuing education. Download NCSA State Challenge flyer.

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