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Government Relations

Boot Camp Testimonials


Tuesday morning when you get off the bus and proceed up the walkway toward the steps that lead to the United States Capitol Building, the feeling of history is simply overpowering and humbling. But you know you have been so thoroughly prepared by NCRA’s Government Relations Department that you look forward to your meetings and the challenges ahead. The freedom to walk the marble hallways of both the House and Senate office buildings and have access, love them or hate them, to our politicians, reminds you of what a great country we do live in. I left Boot Camp wanting to make a difference, and knowing that I can.

Michele York

This was my first experience attending the NCRA Legislative Boot Camp. I had wanted to attend on behalf of our association here in New York previously, but scheduling was always an inssue. So, when the opportunity popped up this time, I couldn’t resist.

I had no idea what to expect beforehand and I was amazed at how in-depth and detailed the event was. There were many aspects that were explained and taught to us regarding the Washington, DC Legislative setting that, as an outsider, one would never even think of.

My hat certainly went off to the NCRA group and its lobbyists for the work they did.

Our training was quite in-depth and informative. The seminars, along with the individualized groups that were set up, were quite educational, intense, and at times, humorous.

Steve Zinone and I went to three different Congressmens’ offices. That was a fascinating experience. Sitting down with their aides really gave me a great insight as to how Washington works. We presented our positions with the aides and they were well-received.

I certainly look forward to next year’s event, which I do hope to attend. Now that I have a better idea and/or understanding of the area and workings around Capitol Hill, I will certainly use my time there more efficiently.

The one thing that I was warned about beforehand became quite evident during our meetings at and/or near the Capitol,,, "Wear comfortable shoes." My feet will never forgive me.

Adam H. Alweis

As President of The Florida Court Reporters Association, FCRA, I attended NCRA's Boot Camp last month in order to prepare myself for our current and upcoming issues we have pending before the Florida Legislature and to help me in my dealings with our lobbyist.

The lessons and experiences I was able to gain from the NCRA Government Relations Staff as well as our current NCRA Board of Directors were tremendous and can be implemented into both my personal life as well as my professional life.

I highly recommend this program for anyone who is able to attend. Truly a life changing experience.

Rick E. Levy

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to represent the state of Alabama at the 2012 Boot Camp. I was able to gain a better understanding on how to communicate current and future issues effecting the court reporting profession to our legislators. It strengthened our ability to address these issues and gave us the tools and knowledge necessary to advocate for our profession. Interacting with a group of professionals who have similar interests and enthusiasm was encouraging. I am always impressed with NCRA's leadership skills. Boot Camp was truly beneficial and if you have the opportunity to attend, I strongly recommend it.

J. Scott Graham