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2007 Past Achievements

Electronic Recording Community of Interest

In 2007, NCRA commissioned the ER Community of Interest. It contains significant amounts of information on ER including articles, messaging tips, and talking points. It will be continuously updated with more up-to-date information as well.

ER Community of Interest

Schools Listed in the Labor HHS Bills for FY07

The following schools listed below have been included in the U.S. Senate version and the U.S. House version of the Labor HHS bills. This is very exciting news! However, it is not over yet. It is time for a more aggressive and very specific grassroots focus on the U.S. Senate and U.S. House. You want to make sure that your program funding stays in the final bill. Therefore, contact your U.S. Senators’ office as well as your U.S. Representative’s office and thank them for the line item in the Labor HHS Bill. Grassroots is still key! Get as many letters in as possible to your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives.

Those schools receiving funds through the Federal Initiative can use the money for several specific activities: recruiting students, providing scholarships, developing a distance learning capability, designing a curriculum to train realtime writers and captioners, and assisting with job placement. How the funds are utilized is at the discretion of each school.

The funds can benefit not only current students, but also reporters who want to excel at realtime. For example, a veteran reporter could receive a partial scholarship to retrain to become a CART provider or captioner.

The schools that receive federal funds will train realtime writers, CART providers and broadcast captioners. For information on how each school plans to make use of the federal funds, please contact each school directly.

For the full list of schols in cluded in the House and Senate Labor HHS bills, please click here: