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2006 Past Achievements

NCRA PAC Meets With Success at the Polls

Congress experienced great change as a result of the recent elections, and your PAC dollars had the maximum impact. Your PAC had a 90 percent success rate at the polls this November. That means that 90 percent of the incumbents or challengers whose campaigns we contributed to this cycle were elected or re-elected. Those are excellent results for NCRA PAC and for NCRA as a whole. Read more


History Project Aims for 1,000 Transcripts by Veterans Day  


NCRA Needs Your Help to Pass Vital Legislation


Help NCRA Pass S. 1955 To Ensure Affordable Health Insurance

Alabama Passes Reporter Certification Law Stenograph Purchases Second SchoolNCRA Launches ER Initiatives


Small-Business Health Plans Bill Blocked in Senate 


LOC Thanks History Project Participants