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Thoughtful Tributes: In Honor Of

NCRF's Thoughtful Tributes program provides you the opportunity to honor those who have made a major contribution to your life: educators, judges, fellow court reporters, friends, or family members—anyone who has made a difference!

NCRF has received donations of $250 or more in honor of the following individuals: 

In honor of

Norman Lou Bridges

by Court Reporting Institute of Dallas Texas


Mary Knapp

by Peggy Antone


Shirley Houston

by Wallie Womack


Frederick W. Schaefer

by Bo Kriegshauser


Shirley Houston

by Court Reporters of the State of Texas


Honorable Leslie G. Johnson

by Mississippi Court Reporters Association


Donna Collins, President 1998-99

by Texas Court Reporters Association


Stephanie Davidson

by National Court Reporters Association 


Karen Yates, 2008-09 NCRA President

by 2008-09 NCRA Board members


Kay Moody, Jeff Moody, and Jay Vettickal

by Margie Wakeman Wells


Marge Cunningham

by Sue Terry