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Thoughtful Tributes: In Memory Of

NCRF's Thoughtful Tributes program provides you the opportunity to remember those you've lost who have made a major contribution to your life: educators, judges, colleagues, friends, or family members — anyone who has made a difference!

NCRF has received donations of $250 or more in memory of the following individuals:

In memory of

 M. Eugene Olsen

by Dorothy & Hugh Roe and Elaine & Kenneth Christensen

Elsa Swanson Cooper

by Karla Wollin Boyer

Martin Fincun

by Fincun-Mancini Court Reporters

Honorable Kenneth H. Adams

by Rosalie Stevens

 William James Talty

by California Court Reporters Association

Dennis K. Bossard

by Nancy & Price Banister, Salomon Reporting Service

Frank G. Taylor

by Nancy & Price Banister, Salomon Reporting Service

Abraham Al Weinstein, 1991 DSA

by fellow DSA recipients, 1998

Rachel Lerschen, 1962 DSA, 1955-56 NCRA President

by fellow DSA recipients, 1998

Lawrence W. Burt, NCRA President 1975-76

by NCRA Past Presidents, 1999

by Doris Wong & John Mahaney

Robert H. Clark, Librarian-Historian Emeritus, 1994 DSA Recipient

by fellow DSA recipients, 2000

by LA General Shorthand Reporters Association

by Nancy & Price Banister, Salomon Reporting Service

Michele Mancuso Howell

by G. Allen & Diane Sonntag

Irving L. Kosky, 1974-75 NCRA President, 1978  DSA Recipient

by NCRA Past Presidents, 2002

by fellow DSA recipients, 2002

Harry J. Foster

by Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association, 2003

by S. Michael Rosenberg

Bridget B. Brittan

by fellow federal reporters

Carol G. Colston

by "The Hooples"

Rosalie Stevens, 1996-97 NCRA President,  1993, 1994 NCRF Chair

by friends at NCRA and NCRF

Gary L. Sonntag

by G. Allen and Diane Sonntag


by Oklahoma Court Reporters Association

by Illinois Court Reporters Association

by Hunter & Geist, Inc.

by Brown Reporting, Inc.


Sally J. Cochran, 1972-73 NCRA President, 1979 DSA recipient

by NCRA Past Presidents, 2006

by fellow DSA recipients, 2006

Richard L. Mowers

by fellow DSA recipients, 2009

Joseph J. Sweeney

by NCRA past presidents

 Deanna Johnson

by fellow court reporters and friends

by various organizations

Bear Smith

by Bobbi Jo Van Deusen

Howard R. Fuechslin, United States Marine Corps

by Ernesto Espiritu

Alan Agren

by Sue Terry