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The Foundation

NCRF Angels Drive


Ninety-eight generous donors pledged to the 2009 Drirve.  Thanks for your support, we can't do it without you!  

Laurie Adams
Alabama Court Reporters Association
Amicus Court Reporters, Inc.
ARCC Services, Inc.
Kristin  M. Anderson
Elizabeth Archer
Carole A. Bartkowicz
Benchmark Reporting Agency
Sally Booth-Bennett
Beovich Walter & Friend - Douglas Friend & Julie Walter
Jean & Ken Beskin
Bistany Reporting Service
Bridges Reporting & Legal Video
Alan H. Brock
Ginger Hall Brooks
JoAnn Bryce
Bryn Mawr Equipment Leasing
Marianne Cammarota - Prout & Cammarota
Caption First
Joyce Z. Casey
Caroline R. Castle5
Chase Deposition Services
Debra "Debi" Cheyne
CitiCourt Reporting
City Reporters, Inc.
William Cohen
College of Court Reporting
Connor & Associates, Inc.
Courtroom Connect on behalf of Louis Goldberg
DepositionsDelaware LLC - Adam Miller
Derenberger & Page Reporting - Russell Page
Stacey D. Donison
Allen H. Edelist
Marybeth & John Everhart
Farmer Arsenault Brock LLC
Fink & Carney -Ralph Fink & Karen Carney
Rosemary Flores
David C. German
Terry Gimmellie -Bay Foundation
Mark Golden
Joe Grabowski - Gore Brothers
Hahn & Bowersock
Janet  Hamilton
Ellie Corbett Hannum
HG Litigation Services
Carol Hummel
Kevin R. Hunt
Hunter + Geist - Shelly Hunter
Gail Inghram
BJ Johnson
Deanna K. Johnson1 
Debbie Kriegshauser
Maggie Q. Lawson
Rick Levy
Barbara W. Lightcap6
LNS Court Reporting & Captioning
Amanda Maze
Katherine McCorkle
Michigan Court Reporters4
Michael E. & Susan P. Miller
Patricia & Adam Miller
Sandy Bain Moon
Sarah E. Nageotte
OMTI/Reporter Base
Paradigm Reporting & Captioning, Inc.
Parise & Associates
Nancy Patterson 
Pengad, Inc.
Marjorie A. Peters
Tori Pittman
Premier Reporting, Inc. - Kimi George
Premiere Realtime Litigation Services
Antonia Pulone - Pulone & Stromberg, Inc.
Regency-Brentano, Inc.
Mark H. Renzi - Guy J. Renzi & Associates
Merilyn A. Sanchez
Jennifer Schuck
Steve & Laurie Shingle
BJ Shorak
Tami & Bear Smith
Melanie (and Gary) Sonntag2
Sonntag Reporting Service, Ltd.2
Steno Cast
Jay E. & Ellen R. Suddreth - Jay E. Suddreth & Associates, Inc.
Catherine Alley Teach
Tiffany Alley Certified Reporters
Utah Court Reporters Association3
Catherine M. Vernon & Associates Court Reporters
Barbara Wells
John Wenclawski - Stenograph
Freida Sclafani Williams
Leroy & Cecilee Wilson
Wisconsin Court Reporters Association
Sue Wolk
Doris O. Wong
Yamaguchi Obien Mangio Court Reporting & Video
Mike & Karen Yates 

1In memory of my parents, Howard and Agnes Nichols 
2In grateful memory of Harry and Florence Foster
3In memory of Lanette Shindurling
4In memory of Thomas Klink and Patricia Murray
5In honor of my parents, William M. Castle, a long-time member of NCRA, and Katherine H. Castle. 
6In memory of my mother, Florence V. Welty

2009 NCRF Angels Drive Committee: Adam Miller, RPR, CRI; Dave Wynne; Deanna Johnson, FAPR, RPR, CRI, CPE; Debi Cheyne; Elizabeth Archer, Ellie Corbett Hannum, RMR, CMRS; Jackie Timmons, RDR; Jean Beskin; Joan McQuinn, RPR, CMRS; Kimi George, RMR; Laurie Adams, RMR, CRR; Laurie Shingle, RPR, CMRS (Chair); Lillian Freiler, RMR; Melanie Humphrey-Sonntag, FAPR, RDR, CRR; Shirley Ann Hall, RDR, CRR, CBC, CRI, CPE; and Tami Smith, RPR, CPE.


                                                                                                       Updated December 20, 2010