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Education & Careers

Official Court Reporters needed - 29th Judicial District of Kansas

Kansas City, Kansas

Immediate openings for official court reporters in the District Court of Kansas, located in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Starting salary is $1,693 Bi-weekly/$44,043 Annually; plus additional compensation  per page for transcripts.

If employment is successful at 1-year anniversary, the salary increases to $1,865 Bi-weekly $48,494 Annually.


Duties include providing verbatim  reporting of trials and hearings at high rates of speed and full responsibility for preparation of accurate transcripts. Case CATalyst software, Luminex steno machine, and laptop computer are provided to the reporter.

Required education includes a high school diploma, supplemented by a course in stenographic reporting, and certification per Kansas Supreme Court Rules as a Certified Court Reporter (or reciprocity with an NCRA RPR certification).


To apply, contact Sharon Cahill, Managing Court Reporter, at 913-573-2921 or