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Official Court Reporter (Part-Time) - Northern District of West Virginia

Wheeling, West Virginia

U.S. District Court, Official Court Reporter (part-time) for Wheeling, WV.  Salary dependent upon qualifications. For full posting and application, see

Position description

The United States District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia is seeking qualified applicants for the position of part-time Official Court Reporter to report directly to the Article III Judges. This position will require travel to other points of holding court in Clarksburg, Elkins, and Martinsburg and may require further travel within the United States. An Official Court Reporter is responsible for the verbatim reporting of proceedings held before United States District Judges and Magistrate Judges and for the transcription of those proceedings upon request. Court Reporter positions are subject to available funding supplied by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.

Representative duties

  • Attend and record verbatim court sessions for both civil and criminal proceedings; read back portions of court record as required.
  • Provide transcripts within the time and cost limitations set by the Judicial Conference; electronically file with the Clerk of Court a copy of all transcripts prepared concurrently with delivery to the requesting parties. 
  • Provide transcripts and/or real-time feed to the Court upon request, without charge. 
  • Perform such administrative duties as required, such as billing for transcripts, financial and other record keeping, preparation and filing of required Administrative Office reports, and responding to official correspondence and telephone calls. 
  • Maintain and safeguard records until they are disposed of according to statutory requirement and Judicial Conference policy. 
  • Work well under pressure, and produce transcripts within strict time limitations. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

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