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Continuing Education

Realtime Coach

Realtime Coach is a revolutionary online learning system that helps both students and working reporters and captioners increase their writing speed, break through plateaus, and diagnose problem areas.

Simply hook up your writer to your CAT-enabled desktop or laptop, open a web browser, and log in to the Realtime Coach learning environment. There you'll find professionally produced audio and video dictation at speeds ranging from 60 to 260 words per minute. You'll get instant feedback on conflicts, misstrokes, and drops through special color coded text.

Realtime Coach offers tips and hints, tracks your practice, and measures your progress. You'll get accuracy reports, practice logs, an interactive calendar and even a discussion forum.

It's not a tape... it's not a CD... it's so much more!


To get started, you'll need:

  • An Internet connection (DSL or faster)
  • Your writer, connected to a computer
  • CAT software running on the computer
  • Then, register and purchase your content subscription at the secure Realtime Coach Web site.

Earn PDCs from home when you speedbuild with Realtime Coach!


Please note that to use Realtime Coach you will need the Macromedia Flash plugin installed on your browser. If it is not installed please visit the Macromedia Flash Web site to download the free plugin.