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Steno Theory

Stenomaster Theory

General Overview 
Support Material for Students   
Support Material for Educators

General Overview

The StenoMaster theory is available to individual students, schools, and working reporters and captioners. The StenoMaster Theory can be readily self-taught or taught in the classroom as well as online. Actual pages of the Theory can be reviewed online at

The StenoMaster Theory is likely the most recent realtime, computer-compatible theory developed. Mark Kislingbury, who used it to set his Guinness World Record of 360 words per minute with 97.22% accuracy, and to achieve seven national speed records, published the Theory in November 2004. It is the embodiment of Mark's 25-year court reporting experiences.

The StenoMaster Theory is founded upon the belief that machine shorthand should be just that - short, and not stroke-intensive. Stragically built upon concepts rather than simply  assigning arbitrary briefing, it readily expands each individual concept into potentially hundreds of brief forms.
Therefore, common words and phrases are easily briefed using  one concept as opposed to remembering different outlines for frequent words and phrases.
Instead of having to learn unrelated brief forms, the student simply recalls one concept and applies that  concept to families or groups of brief forms.

The truth is that every court reporter, CART provider, or captioner uses briefs, either created systematically with great thought or on-the-fly during a deposition or trial. It just makes sense that if the reporter is eventually going to use briefs to save time and strokes, thereby improving speed and accuracy, that way of writing short should be developed in a consistent manner and should be learned from the very beginning. It is extremely difficult, as many, many can attest, to unlearn something so one can learn a better way.

In short, the StenoMaster Theory answers the need of modern machine writing
needs: a shorter and more efficient way of writing for speed and accuracy for even established veterans of court reporting. The StenoMaster Theory is not only a foundational theory for the beginning student but one that can rapidly and readily enhance the veteran reporter's writing.

Support Material for Students

The basic StenoMaster Theory package includes the Theory textbook and Mark's 224,000-entry realtime-compatible electronic dictionary that is ready to be imported into the student's computer-aided-transcription (CAT) software that translates the student's stenowriter keystokes into English via his or her computer.

The Theory package also includes: an Introduction to Realtime DVD; a CD-ROM of Mark's review of the StenoMaster Theory as well as Mark presenting practice techniques, test-taking tips and many other suggestions to make the student's wonderful journey more manageable and success more likely; a CD-ROM of lesson dictations; and a CD-ROM containing 3 hours of Mark's tutelage with regards to writing numbers.

The Intermediate StenoMaster Theory package includes all the above plus the SpeedBuilder, a software designed to allow the student to practice dictated material at speeds ranging from 40 words per minute to 260 words per minute.
Additional practice material is readily available from StenoMaster.

The Advanced StenoMaster Theory package includes all the above plus the Instant Briefer, a software designed to allow the student to easily look up words, briefs and phrases, utilizing the built-in StenoMaster Theory 224,000-entry realtime-compatible electronic dictionary and/or the student's own dictionary.

Free email and telephone support is available to the StenoMaster student or reporter. The StenoMaster Web site contains page after page of practice material and additional tips and tricks. For those students who do not have Internet access, the same material is available on CD-ROM. StenoMaster has experienced court reporters and certified instructors available to our students.

Realtime DVDs -- Beginning Realtime, Intermediate Realtime, and Championship Realtime DVDs are available for advanced students.

SpeedBuilding tips and techniques are available on CD-ROMs.   

Support Material for Educators  

The StenoMaster Theory Teachers' Package is highlighted with a 90-minute Teachers' Workshop DVD wherein Mark teaches instructors on the aspects of the StenoMaster Theory.

The Package also includes the StenoMaster Theory textbook and the Teachers'
Manual which is based on the StenoMaster Theory's Lesson plan for 30 Lessons and is designed to be taught over two or three semesters, teacher's preference. StenoMaster is available to assist teachers and administrators in the development of their courses.

The Teachers' Manual is comprised of chapters covering an overview of three lessons per chapter. Additional practice material is also available.

Testing materials covering each of the three lessons per chapter are available in text and audio.


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