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Steno Theory

StenEd Theory

General Overview 
Support Material for Educators and Students     

General Overview

Stenotype Educational Products, Inc.
The Leader in Realtime Steno Training Materials
(StenEd Theory is approved by the NCRA Theory Task Force)

Founded shortly after the first CAT systems appeared, StenEd has been creating stenotype educational material that takes full advantage of computer technology for over 25 years.  Taught in more schools than any other theory, we continue to expand and refine our products to provide the most effective and comprehensive material available for all stenotype professions.

Following is a summary of our major products.  For more detailed information, please visit our web site, refer to our catalog, or call/fax/e-mail us.  Complimentary teacher evaluation copies are available to interested educators;  complimentary desk copies are available to StenEd teachers.

Support Material for Educators and Students

Realtime Theory

StenEd Realtime Theory  (Item #101, 2005 ed., 343 pages, indexed)

  • Provides the foundation for realtime, conflict-free computer writing.
  • Divided into 40 lessons, StenEd theory emphasizes long vowels, high frequency words, word beginnings and endings, and consistent and logical writing principles covering families of words to insure accurate and doable realtime writing. 
  • Comprehensive word lists, sentences, and paragraphs reinforce each principle.
  • 40 hours of correlated audio (20-90 wpm) available.
  • Correlated interactive tutorials available in the Realtime Coach® format ( and the Eclipse Lesson Player® format (
  • Teacher Manual  (Item #601, 1996 ed., 271 pages) includes teaching hints and a wealth of material for reinforcement and testing. 
  • StenEd main translating dictionary is available in RTF and major CAT system formats.

Reader for Realtime Theory   (Item #105, 1998 ed., 114 pages)

  • Designed to be used in conjunction with Realtime Theory (from Lesson 18 on).
  • Develops sound notereading skills while reinforcing realtime theory.

Theory Reinforcement Takes   (Item #111, 1999 ed., 204 pages)

  • Multiple takes for each of the 40 StenEd Realtime Theory lessons arranged in 1-, 2-, and 3-minute segments that can be combined in various ways to create an infinite number of 3- and 5-minute practice takes and tests using only words/principles that have been learned thus far.
  • Includes word lists, word groups, sentences, paragraphs, and mini Q&A’s which can be used as classroom practice, student lab, or homework.
  • Teacher Edition  (Item #611, 1999 ed., 252 pages) contains everything in the student text plus 90 additional takes of 2 or 3 minutes each for student tests.

10 Steps to Realtime Writing  (Item #151, 2001, 266 pages, indexed)

  • Designed for advanced writers who want to improve their realtime writing skills.
  • Fully indexed to help you find the particular principle or conflict you’re looking for.
  • Prioritizes conflict-solving techniques into ten steps: (1) The Alphabet; (2) High Frequency Words; (3) Inflected Endings; (4) Soundalikes; (5) Prefixes & Other Word Beginnings; (6) Suffixes & Other Word Endings; (7) Punctuation; (8)  Numbers; (9) Short Forms; and (10) Special Considerations.
  • Instruction and practice dictation are included for each step.
  • 12 hours of correlated audio (60-180 wpm) available.

Finger Drills

The Ultimate Finger Drill Book   (Item #FD001, 2001 ed., 54 pages)

  • Over 1,000 finger combinations covering the entire keyboard.
  • A great aid to beginning students for mastering the keyboard; a handy & helpful drill book for professionals for limbering up your fingers.


Theory for the Professional Scopist  (Item #131, 1995 ed., 218 pages)

  • A workbook designed to be used in conjunction with Realtime Theory (Item #101).
  • Gives notereading and transcription practice based on the material presented in  StenEd’s Realtime Theory text.
  • Teacher Guide  (Item #631, 1995 ed., 88 pages) contains the answers to the notereading and transcription exercises.


Vocabulary Development, Student Ed.  (Item #201, 1999 ed., 286 pgs, indexed)

  • Includes both dictation practice and word games to build vocabulary and advanced writing skills.
  • Contains both general and specific vocabularies, including: General Vocabulary; Borrowed Words; Words Frequently Confused (e.g., soundalikes); Word Relationships; and Specialized Vocabulary (e.g., computer terms).
  • 10 hours of audio from 70 to 130 wpm.
  • Correlated interactive tutorials available in the Realtime Coach® format.
  •  Teacher Edition  (Item #602, yellow, 1999 ed., 323 pages) includes everything in the student text plus answers to the student vocabulary exercises.
  • Includes additional material for testing and reinforcement as well as teaching hints, curriculum guidelines, and sample syllabus.

Reporter on the Job

Reporter on the Job  (Item #301, 1996 ed., 276 pages, indexed)

  • Introduces students to the types of material court reporters encounter in their daily work such as testimony, depositions, jury charge, statements, speaker identification, parentheticals, reporter punctuation, number usage.
  • Each lesson contains vocabulary, instruction, review, and dictation reviewing advanced theoretical concepts.
  • 40 hours of correlated audio (80-225 wpm) available.
  • Teacher Manual (Item #603, 1995 ed., 160 pages) includes teaching hints, curriculum guidelines, sample syllabus, and a wealth of material for reinforcement and testing.

Advanced Dictation/Speeduilding

Speedbuilding for Court Reporting, Volume 1  (Item #401, 1992 ed., 252 pages)
Speedbuilding for Court Reporting, Volume 2  (Item #402, 1990 ed., 254 pages) 

  • Each volume has 25 lessons for a total of 50 lessons and well over 500 pages of dictation.
  • Each lesson consists of six parts: (1) Warmup; (2) Vocabulary;  (3) An exercise giving either Proper/Geographical Names, Numbers, Retention Sentences, or Legal Item; (4) Literary; (5) Jury Charge; and (6) Testimony
  • Speedbuilding 1 has 12 hours of correlated audio (120-210 wpm) available.
  • Speedbuilding 2 has 11 hours of correlated audio (125-240 wpm) available.
  • Realtime Coach® videos/audios based on these texts are also available. 

Medical Q&A, Student Edition  (Item #410, 1993 ed., 142 pages) 

  • Compiled from actual courtroom testimony.  Over 26 medical subjects covered.
  • Each of the 40 lessons contains: Proper Names Preview List (for job dictionary practice); Medical Vocabulary Preview List; and Dictation Exercise  (average length 800+ words).
  • Includes index of medical words covered in text.
  • Teacher Edition  (Item #610, 1992 ed., 174 pages) includes everything in the student edition plus recommended outlines (including options),  three additional dictation exercises for testing, and a summary of writing principles and outlines for medical words covered.

Advanced Literary, Student Edition  (Item #420, 1992 ed., 163 pages)

  • Contains 52 dictations plus 20 warm-up exercises excerpted from the Congressional Record, news and environmental magazines, and teacher contributions.
  • Contains vocabulary development and reinforcement of StenEd homonym and conflict resolution.
  • Includes index of words featured in text.
  • Teacher Edition (Item #620, 1992 ed., 188 pages) includes all material in the student edition plus 12 additional dictations for reinforcement and testing.  Realtime StenEd outlines are given for the vocabulary covered in the student text.

Dictionaries (Written copy)

Realtime Professional Dictionary  (Item #551, 2004 ed., 448 pages)  

  • Comprehensive listing of words (over 60,000 entries) with their realtime, conflict-free StenEd outlines.
  • A must for all StenEd writers.
  • Includes many options, briefs, and phrases.  Also includes legal terms.
  • StenEd main translating dictionary covering all words in this dictionary is available in RTF and major CAT system formats.

Realtime Reverse Dictionary  (Item #552, 2004 ed., 392 pages)

  • Includes words/outlines in the Professional Dictionary alphabetized by outline rather than by English.
  • Use of this dictionary keeps the student, teacher, and StenEd graduate from
      inadvertently incorporating conflicting outlines.
  • Excellent reference for scopists because it is alphabetized by stenotype outline.

Realtime Dictionary of Briefs & Phrases  (Item #553, 2004 ed., 112 pages)

  • Contains a “short and sweet” listing (about 12,000 entries) of StenEd briefs and phrases.
  • Excerpted from the comprehensive Professional Dictionary.

Realtime Medical Dictionary for Stenotypists (Item #555, 1994 ed., 508 pages)

  • Extremely comprehensive listing (over 75,000 entries) of medical terms and their realtime StenEd outline(s).
  • Appendices contain: Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations; Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots; Medical Soundalikes; Alphabetic Letters and Stenoscription Commands; Briefs and Phrases for Medical Transcription
  • StenEd translating job dictionary covering all terms in this Medical Dictionary is available in RTF and major CAT system formats.

Realtime Legal Dictionary for Stenotypists  (Item #556, 2000 ed., 154 pages)

  • Comprehensive listing (over 18,000 entries) of legal terms and their realtime StenEd outline(s).
  • Appendices contain  briefs for common courtroom phrases and legal phrase elements and their StenEd outlines.


Medical Terminology & Anatomy & Physiology for Stenotypists  (Item #451, 1998 ed., 636 pages, indexed) 

  • Includes all medical material found in a traditional (i.e., non-stenotype) medical terminology text plus realtime StenEd outlines for all medical terms discussed. Also includes anatomy & physiology.
  • Over 75 illustrations to aid in the students’ understanding of the material being covered.
  • Over 160 exercises (including crossword puzzles) to reinforce  the material presented.
  • 16+ hours of audio (60-120 wpm) available based on the subject matter covered in the Medical Terminology text.
  • Medical Terminology Audio/Tutorial Guide  (Item #452, 1993 ed., 67 pages) contains the written copy of the material contained in the audios  and tutorials for Medical Terminology.
  • Medical Terminology Companion Dictionary  (Item #543, 2000 ed., 69 pages)  contains realtime StenEd outlines for medical terms covered in Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology for Stenotypists. (Contains preferred outlines only.  Optional principles are covered in the introduction.)
  • Teacher Guide  (Item #651, 2001 ed., 189 pages) contains the answers to all student exercises.  Includes teaching hints and sample syllabus for presenting the material plus additional exercises, tests, and unlabeled illustrations to check the students’ progress.
  • StenEd translating job dictionary covering all terms in StenEd’s Medical Dictionary (Item #555) is available in RTF and major CAT system formats.

Medical Dictionary for Stenotypists  (Item #555.  See description above.)

Medical Q&A, Student Edition  (Item #410.  See description above.)

Reference Texts (Non-Stenotype)

Proper Noun Speller  (Item #PNS101, 2001, 418 pages)

  • Invaluable reference for the correct spelling of over 45,000 proper nouns—the capitalized names of people, places, and things—not usually included in standard dictionaries.
  • Brief descriptions included to insure you’ve found the right person/place/item.


StenEd ®

 Address:  StenEd, P.O. Box 959, Melrose, Florida 32666
Phone: 1-888-StenEd1 (783-6331) (US only) or 1-352-475-3332
Fax: 1-352-475-2152   ~   E-mail: