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Program Approval and Maintenance

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  • The evolution of NCRA’s approval program
  • NCRA approval process
  • Reports and forms

The evolution of NCRA’s approval program

NCRA began its court reporting program approval process in the 1970s. Since that time, NCRA has approved more than 100 schools nationwide, standardizing school curriculums to better prepare students for the challenges presented by the court reporting and captioning professions.

Information about the General Requirements and Minimum Standards (GRMS) for court reporting education programs can be found here.

NCRA approval process

Download and complete the Council on Approved Student Education (CASE) annual report form only if you have an NCRA-approved court reporting program. CASE requires the annual report to be completed each fall using the approved court reporting program’s enrollment as of Nov. 1.

As part of the approval process, court reporting programs complete a self-study and undergo an in-person evaluation by NCRA staff and a Certified Program Evaluator. Approval is effective for not more than five years. As part of the NCRA-approval process, a court reporting program completes an additional self-study for reevaluation.

For questions regarding the approval process, forms, and cost, please email the Education Department at or call 800-272-6272.