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Discover Steno

DiscoverSteno: LearnSteno - A to Z: Intro to Machine Shorthand

Discover Steno

Teach steno

NCRA is pleased that you are interested in leading a six-to-eight week A to Z Intro to Machine Shorthand program.

A to Z program leaders will work with small groups of participants as they learn how to write the alphabet and numbers in steno. This program does not follow any particular theory. Participants will use loaner steno machines during in-person sessions and outside practice. Leaders will receive training materials to use during thhe program.

Access the frequently asked questions here.

A to Z program leader Memorandum of Understanding

Program leaders will receive the training materials free of charge but must complete and submit a program leader Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Within 24-48 hours, leaders will receive an email from NCRA’s Education Department

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