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Education & Careers

Michelle Kirkpatrick – Denver, CO

Michelle Kirkpatrick – Denver, CO

I was a freelance reporter from 1986 to 2008, owning a solo reporting business for the last ten years of that. I have been a state district official for the last five and a half years and write realtime every day to judges and law clerks, providing daily rough drafts to civil attorneys when the opportunities present themselves. I plan on going back to freelance very soon.

Something about me:

In the last 3 years of my 28-year career, I have acquired my CRR, CBC, CCP, RMR, RDR, and FCRR, went to my first NCRA convention, and qualified in the realtime contest. With a lot of determination, things you never thought could be within your reach can always be possible! I am currently on NCRA's TRAIN committee. My Colorado hobbies are downhill skiing, hiking, and playing sand volleyball.

Mentor Wants To Know From Student:

1) Are you enrolled in a physical or online school? 2) How do you feel about continuing in the program, and what keeps you motivated to continue? 3) What three things do you most hope to gain from a mentor? 4) I want to hear an extremely bragging paragraph about the things that you are really good at (either reporting or non-reporting related) and several positive things about your inner self. Don't hold back! 5) Where do you see yourself in two years? Five years? Ten years?