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Education & Careers

Suzanne Trimble - Tacoma, WA


Contact Information



Suzanne Trimble


Tacoma, Washington

Mentoring Information

How many students would you be willing to take on?


What area would you like to mentor?


Describe your work experience:

I have been an official reporter since 1999. I do realtime for every trial and hearing in my courtroom. I work for one judge. We are family court for 2012/2013. Before we were family court, we did civil and criminal trials and hearings.

Describe something interesting about yourself:

I like bicycling, walking my dog, and exercising to relax and take the edge off the day. I love my job.

What do you want to know about the student?

What speed are you at? What school do you attend? What are your interest for your career once school is finished?