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Welcome to NCRA's Online Skills Testing Registration

NCRA Online Skills Registration Page



Prior to registering you MUST read the following instructional and policy documents:

1.) How to take an online skills test with Realtime Coach and ProctorU

2.) Online Skills Testing Requirements, Policies and FAQs

All exams should be scheduled and taken within thirty days of your confirmation email that includes your scheduling instructions. Candidates will need to schedule each exam separately upon receiving the exam registration for each specific exam (RPR Literary, RPR Jury Charge, etc.).

Register by clicking on an exam below:
Note: Once you register for an exam you will receive a confirmation email from Realtime Coach within three business days. Your confirmation email will contain scheduling information for your exam. Please remember to wait until you receive this confirmation to schedule your exam.

Registered Professional Reporter - RPR
Registered Merit Reporter - RMR
Certified Realtime Reporter - CRR
Certified Realtime Captioner - CRC