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Certification Test Center

Prohibited Items for Skills Exams and Consequences

Candidates are prohibited from using electronic devices of any kind once they have signed in at the test site, with the exception of your writer and computer. Electronic devices include, but are not limited to, audio sync, digital recorders, and any other audio recording and/or screen capture tools. Candidates must disable their computer’s microphone by either changing the settings on their computer or by using an external adapter/plug. If a steno machine has a test mode, the test mode must be used. Chief Examiners have the right to inspect a candidate’s equipment, including computer settings and desktop recycle bin, before and after the test.

By registering for the test, you have acknowledged that you understand and agree to abide by these procedures. Failure to follow these or any NCRA procedures may result in your automatic failure and being barred from taking NCRA-administered tests for a minimum of three (3) testing cycles or permanently depending on the nature of the violation. NCRA members may also be suspended or expelled from the association.

Candidates should review the Council of the Academy of Professional Reporter (CAPR) Procedures for Determining Whether a Violation of NCRA Testing Policies and Procedures on an NCRA-Administered Test has Occurred.