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Continuing Education

Continuing Education Forms

Continuing Education Online Submission

The field of court reporting demands that its practitioners acquire and maintain a broad base of knowledge. Learn how to submit your education and professional development activities online!

If your activity is not on the pre-approved seminar calendar, and you are not provided with a certificate stating the date and hours of education, you must download the CEU or PDC form to have the activity evaluated and posted to your NCRA Continuing Education Transcript.

Submit your continuing education online

You are urged to make sure your continuing education paperwork is complete when you submit to NCRA. If anything is missing:

  • You will receive an email letting you know which documents are still needed.
  • Your submission will be kept off your transcript until the documents are provided.
  • You will have two weeks in which to submit the additional paperwork or your submission will be discarded.

Submission fee for education and professional development activities to your transcript:

  • Members: $45 per submission 
  • Non-members: $75 per submission
  • A $10 per transaction processing fee will be deducted from any refunds requested.
  • NOTE:  If a submission is mailed, emailed, or faxed, an additional $25 processing fee will be charged per submission.

Live Event CEU Change Request Form

Cycle Extension

Starting with the September 30, 2010, CEU cycle expiration dates, members requesting a 4-month extension of their CEUs from September 30 to January 31 of the following year will need to pay a $99 processing fee.  Credential holders are encouraged to obtain their CEUs by September 30th; however, if an extension is needed, please fill out the form below.

Missing Credits

If you believe are missing CEU credits, please download the form below and mail or fax it to NCRA. 


If you would like to appeal for the reinstatement of lost credentials, please visit or send an email to Sandra Bryant.  

Forms for Seminar Providers

If you would like submit your seminar for pre-approval, please download the form below and read the instructions carefully.  If you need more information regarding Pre-Approvals, please contact Sandra Bryant.

For CEU Credentialing after the pre-approved event, please download the seminar attendance report and submit to the Credentialing Coordinator.

Continuing Education Fee FAQ

Please read our Continuing Education Fee FAQ.