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Certification & Training

Certification Appeal Guidelines

Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters

Internal Appeal Guidelines
(Lost Certification)


1. Individual is required to have a minimum of .50 CEUs accrued during cycle  period prior to request of reinstatement.

2. Appeals are denied where certification was lost four or more years prior.

3. Second appeals are denied (extenuating circumstances may be considered).

4. First-time appeals for reinstatement are granted (where certification was lost in the most recent three-year period) by adding a new three-year cycle to their most recent expiration date, adding the missing credits from prior cycles to the new three-year cycle, and requiring payment of any back dues owing.

5. The CAPR Chair is authorized to decide appeals presented in between CAPR meetings based on the above guidelines, and to place on the next CAPR agenda any appeals that involve issues not covered by the above guidelines.

Extension Policy

Members can request a 4-month extension of their recertification date.  These requests are handled by staff and do not affect their three year certification cycle dates.  Members may request extensions only once per three-year cycle.  Requests beyond four months which are not handled by reinstatement are referred to CAPR.