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Certification & Training

Realtime Systems Administrator Program

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Program Overview

Maybe you’re a realtime reporter who is eager to avoid those technical mishaps that prevent you from providing realtime services to your clients or within your courtroom. Perhaps you want to expand your repertoire of services to make yourself a more valuable commodity within your firm or court system. Or perhaps you’re a litigation support specialist who wishes to capitalize on the growing demand for realtime technology.

If you’re interested in mastering the inner workings of realtime technology—creating an insider’s view of various software packages, modeling best practice with regard to realtime system setup, and learning to handle any technical challenge that can and will surface…then the Realtime Systems Administrator Program is for you.

Improve Your Professional Marketability and Your Technical Proficiency

Within any marketplace, the key to success is possessing an asset that others don’t just want, but that they need. The Realtime Systems Administrator Program was developed based on such an identified need within the legal arena. It stands to reason that with demand for such expertise so high and with a program developed to meet that exact need, that those who hold the certificate that explicitly demonstrates expertise to meet that marketplace demand will put themselves at an extreme competitive advantage.

That said, the Realtime Systems Administrator certificate still is not yet widely recognized within the legal environment, but this presents an opportunity. Approach court administrators, attorneys, paralegals and, yes, court reporters to tell them about this new program and credential. Then mention, by the way, that you have completed the program and have answered the rigors of the post-program examination to establish your mettle, worthy of recognition as a bona fide realtime systems expert.

What Exactly Do Participants Learn?

The best of both worlds: Theory and Practice…

First of all, the Realtime Systems Administrator Program and test was developed and is implemented by the absolute experts within the field—the true pioneers within the field. The curriculum includes a two-step process consisting of lectures, followed by a practical assessment of your ability to perform the duties of a realtime systems expert in real-world situations. Key components of the program—and, thus, of the test-- include:

  • Computer Basics - Lexicon, ports/device manager, general familiarity with Windows
  • Connectivity Basics - Serial Communication, Bluetooth, and Networking
  • Serial Products - LiveNote, CT Summation, CaseViewNet/CaseView II, Bridge, Denoto, Visionary LiveFeed Direct, and 1360 Studios Transcript Manager Pro
  • Streaming Products - LiveNote Stream, SpecHE, TeleView Visionary LiveFeed Direct, and TextStream
  • Troubleshooting Scenarios