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Realtime Systems Administrator

Realtime Systems Administrator Workshop

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Maximize your revenue and impress your clients and potential clients by successfully hooking up your realtime connections every time. The Realtime Systems Administrator Workshop provides you with the technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills you need to become the key player in providing realtime to your clients. 

Firm owners, IT support staff, freelance reporters, and official reporters, improve your professional marketability as well as your technical proficiency by taking the first step in obtaining a certificate as a Realtime Systems Administrator.  The day-and-a-half seminar focuses on all aspects of realtime hookups and litigation support that rely on realtime connections, including the cutting-edge wireless realtime. Learn how to quickly troubleshoot realtime issues, based on real-world scenarios. Explore all aspects of connectivity from serial communication to more advanced networking concepts including wireless connectivity.

In addition, learn how to hook up your client or judge with the many vendors that provide realtime technology --  LiveNote, CaseView NET, Summation, Eclipse Bridge, DeNoto, Visionary, Speche, and Teleview, to name just a few.

Please note that due to the nature of this training, attendance is very limited.  Registration is first-come, first-served.

Who Should Attend

  • Court reporters
  • Freelance firm owners/managers
  • Freelance firm IT or support staff
  • IT support staff

Upon completion of the seminar, attendees will be eligible to take an assessment exam in order to receive a certificate.  This seminar is approved for 1.0 CEUs.


There are no prerequisites for the workshop; however, it is recommended that registrants:

  • have a basic knowledge of realtime,
  • have a strong knowledge of their hardware and CAT/realtime software, with the software loaded on their computer,
  • know how to set up and operate their laptop computer, steno machine, realtime cables, CAT software and other necessary equipment; or be familiar with these types of equipment (bringing equipment for the workshop is optional) 
  • understand that all realtime functions may not be available in older CAT software and Windows systems.

Realtime Systems Administrator Guide

Each seminar participant will be provided with a copy of the Realtime Systems Administrator Guide. The Guide, which mirrors the seminar, provides in-depth information as illustrated by the table of contents shown below:

Chapter 1:  Terminology 
Chapter 2:  Familiarity with Computer Ports and Hardware 
Chapter 3:  Windows Tenets
Chapter 4:  Serial Communications
Chapter 5:  Bluetooth Serial Communication
Chapter 6:  StenoCast for Serial Realtime Browsers
Chapter 7:  Networking Terms/Concepts
Chapter 8:  Serial Realtime Viewers – Part 1 & Part 2
Chapter 9:  LAN Realtime Options
Chapter 10:  Internet Realtime Streaming Products
Chapter 11:  Realtime Troubleshooting Basics
Chapter 12:  Troubleshooting Scenarios
Appendix A:  Realtime Guidelines
Appendix B:  Creating Uncertified Rough Draft Policy
Appendix C:  CAT Writer and Realtime Connections
Appendix D:  Vendor Documents


  • Members of NCRA’s Realtime Systems Administrator Committee