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NCRA member video contest

Share your love for your profession by participating in NCRA’s member video contest.

NCRA welcomes all members to submit a short video sharing your career, what you do, and why you love it. All videos will be reviewed, and a winning video will be selected and announced in the JCR Weekly. The member submitting the winning video will also receive a new NCRA RTIC travel mug. Please review the rules for submitting videos and entering the contest below.


  1. Videos must be less than two minutes in length.
  2. The video file name must include the member's name.
  3. Members must upload a completed NCRA video release form along with their video.
  4. Videos and release forms can be uploaded below.
  5. Please select one or two prompts from the suggestions below to highlight in your video.
  6. All rules must be adhered to for official entry into the contest.


  1. Get creative!
  2. Show what a typical day of work is like for you.
  3. Tell us about your best day ever at work.
  4. Tell us why you love your career.
  5. Show a piece of equipment you use to do your job and explain how it works.
  6. Explain what you do for those who may not be familiar with the profession.
  7. Tell us what is most challenging or rewarding in your profession.
  8. Tell us how you came to this profession.
  9. Share tips for others to get started in this profession.
  10. Tell us about your favorite assignment.
  11. Share insights on who you were prior to launching this career (previous careers, high school interests, personal interests).
  12. Share the craziest or funniest thing that has happened during the course of your work.
  13. Share the most memorable moment in your career thus far.
  14. Share your favorite NCRA member benefit.
  15. Share the NCRA member benefit you use the most.

Please contact with additional questions.



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