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Certification & Training

The CLVS Seminar & Forum

Visit the CLVS Certification page for a list of upcoming dates and locations.

Day 1
Introduction & Equipment
Day 2
Video in the Deposition Environment* and Legal Video Forum
Day 3
Legal Video Forum

Day one provides attendees with a general overview of what it means to be a legal videographer. Faculty will cover the use video in the legal system , components of a deposition recording system, as well as video and audio equipment.  Experienced legal videographers are not required to attend this day.  

This mandatory day covers the CLVS Code of Ethics, the CLVS Standards for Video Depositions, as well as applicable Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Attendees will come away with a comprehensive understanding of the role of video in a deposition environment.

At the same time, an all-day track of seminars will be offered for curernt CLVSs to kick off the Legal Video Forum.

This day offers a wealth of seminars for CLVS candidates and current CLVSs. Candiates may choose from three different tracks:

Hands-On Workshop:  In these sessions, attendees will have the opportunity get an up-close look at a deposition setups and work with faculty to learn more about the hands-on aspects of video depositions.

Continuing Legal Video Education:  These sessions focus on topics like marketing, tapeless acquisition, day-in-the-life video, and other intermediate to advanced legal video topics.

New Video Technologies Software: These sessions are ideal for those looking to expand their technology knowledge as well as those who have just completed the Trial Presentation Professional program.