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Testing Information - Registered Professional Reporter (RPR)


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What Is the RPR?

The Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) is NCRA’s foundational certification designed for entry-level freelance and official reporters, students, those looking for a salary increase, and those in need of a license requirement. Learn more about the RPR here.

RPR Certification Process

To become a RPR, you must have the knowledge, skills, and ability to produce a high-quality verbatim record.

Testing Information

Written Knowledge Test

The Written Knowledge Test, or WKT, is a 115*- question, multiple-choice test that focuses on three areas that come from the RPR Job Analysis:

  • Technology (22%)
  • Reporting practices (62%)
  • Professional practices (16%)

You must pass with a scaled score of 70 or better.

Skills Test

You will also have to pass three legs of the Skills Test (SKT), which evaluates your skill level in three areas:

  • Literary at 180 wpm
  • Jury Charge at 200 wpm
  • Testimony/Q&A at 225 wpm

After dictation, you will have 75 minutes to transcribe your notes from each leg. You must have 95 percent accuracy on each leg to pass.

You do not have to pass all the components of the exam at one time. But the sooner you complete them the sooner you can add those letters to your name and increase your value to the profession. There is no time limit for earning the RPR.

Registration Information

Candidates must register for the SKT and the WKT separately. Details for each leg appear below.

Online Skills Test Registration - Quarter 1

All candidates are required to read Online Skills Test information prior to registering and taking their test.

Register selecting "attempt 1" if you have not yet taken a test this quarter; "attempt 2" if you have already taken "attempt 1" for this quarter; and "attempt 3" if you have already taken "attempt 1" and "attempt 2" for this quarter.

Once you register for an exam, you will receive a confirmation email from Realtime Coach within three business days. Your confirmation email will contain scheduling information for your exam. All exams must be scheduled and taken within 30 days of your confirmation email. Please remember to wait until you receive this confirmation to schedule your exam. You must schedule all exams 72 hours in advance. If you do not receive an email confirmation within three days of your registration please contact

Thank you and good luck on your exam!

Registered Professional Reporter - RPR

RPR Literary Skills Test Attempt 1 Attempt 2 Attempt 3
RPR Jury Charge Skills Test Attempt 1 Attempt 2 Attempt 3
RPR Testimony Skills Test Attempt 1 Attempt 2 Attempt 3

Written Knowledge Test Registration

All candidates are required to read Written Knowledge Test information prior to registering and taking their test. Please refer to the RPR Job Analysis for a breakdown of what the Written Knowledge Test covers. You can also purchase the RPR Study Guide at our online bookstore, which will navigate candidates not only through practice questions, but more importantly, provide detailed instructions and discussions for how to be successful in each domain.

IMPORTANT: Before you register for the Written Knowledge Test, please make sure that your FIRST and LAST names on your picture ID are exactly the same as your NCRA record.  You will not be able to enter the testing center if the names don't match (They do not check middle names).

You will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your test with Pearson Vue within three business days of your registration.  Please do not attempt to schedule before receiving the email.  If you do not receive the email within three business days, please contact us. 

Written Knowledge Test Schedule

  • January 9-22, 2018 (Registration Period: December 1-31, 2017)
  • April 9-23, 2018 (Registration Period: March 1-31, 2018)
  • July 9-23, 2018 (Registration Period: June 1-30, 2018)
  • October 8-22, 2018 (Registration period: September 1-30, 2018)

 Click here to register

*Written Knowledge Tests have 115 questions but only 100 are used to calculate a candidate's official score. The other 15 questions are new questions that are being tested to capture metrics on their validity.