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Continuing Education Program

Pre-Approved Events

Pre-approved events

Pre-approved events are live conventions, conferences, webinars, or workshops provided by a state association or third party that have been fully reviewed and pre-approved for CEUs or PDCs by the Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters (CAPR).

During a pre-approved event, the event sponsor will track attendance and report that back to NCRA electronically for proper credentialing. Event attendance reporting is due back to NCRA not later than 30 days after completion of the event to ensure proper and timely credentialing for our members. 

Our current calendar of pre-approved events is available here.

Event pre-approval process

Steps to get your live event pre-approved:

  • Complete the seminar pre-approval application. The application can be found here (.doc version).
    • Application fees: price increase effective June 1, 2015
      • $175 for state associations/non-profit associations
      • $225 for profit reporter group/firm/vendor
    • Applications are due 60 days prior to the live event. Late fees are assessed at $15 per day for applications submitted less than 60 days in advance.
    • Be sure to include a complete course outline and presenter bio(s) (even if the presenter has been approved for a prior event). Include an event brochure or agenda, where possible.
    • Send the application packet to the Credentialing Coordinator via email, fax (703-391-0629), or mail: NCRA, 12030 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 400, Reston, VA 20191.
    • Seminar attendance reporting:
      • All attendance reporting needs to come back to NCRA electronically. An example of a seminar attendance report can be found here.
      • Punch cards are no longer printed, provided, or used by NCRA.   
      • The attendance report is due back to NCRA not later than 30 days after the completion of the event for proper and timely credentialing. Late fees will be assessed to late attendance reports as follows: 
        • 1-30 days late = $50 
        • 31-60 days late = $100
        • 61-90 days late = $150
      • Attendance reports should be emailed to the Credentialing Coordinator or faxed to 703-391-0629.

Questions about our pre-approval program? Please contact the Credentialing Coordinator.