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NCRA Certifications

Certified Program Evaluator (CPE)

Thank you for your interest in the CPE certification. The program is being updated and is not being offered at this time. If you have any questions, please call 800-272-NCRA (6272) or email Cynthia Bruce Andrews.

What is a Certified Program Evaluator?

A CPE is an individual trained to evaluate and certify undergraduate court reporting programs. The CPE assists the school through the rigorous certification process and performs the official evaluation.

If you are committed to helping shape the future of the reporting and captioning professions, consider becoming a CPE. Only CPEs may participate in certifying NCRA programs.

NCRA has simplified the process of obtaining certification by reconfiguring the program as a Web-based online course of study. The two required seminars are available in NCRA’s e-seminars catalog on this website.

Who should consider becoming a CPE?

NCRA members who are committed to preparing reporters for the challenging future they will face should consider becoming a CPE. By serving as a program evaluator, you will make sure the court reporting programs that apply for NCRA certification meet the General Requirements and Minimum Standards, the criteria by which NCRA’s Council on Approved Student Education measures reporting programs.

What is involved in the CPE certification?

Certification requires a convenient, two-step process.

Step 1: Take the e-seminar “Interpersonal Skills.” This is a pre-requisite for Step 2.

Step 2: Take the e-seminar “Introduction to the Certified Program Evaluator (CPE) Certification”

After you complete these two seminars, you are certified as a CPE. School-visit assignments are based on a number of criteria, which will be explained to you upon your certification.