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Trial Presentation Professional

Trial Presentation Professional Workshop

Trial Presentation Workshop Logo

The Trial Presentation Certificate Program is offered online.

The Trial Presentation workshop is 8-hours long covering such items as: ethics; questions to ask the client and the documents and formats you may need to use; getting the layout of the courtroom and understanding the venue and infrastructure; what type of equipment is needed, its minimum requirements and trial and audio kit overviews; best practices, pre-trial preparation of case and organizing materials as well as file management and trial software database management; equipment installation, site survey, courtroom scouting and troubleshooting; common features of trial software and displaying on computer; and professional conduct, courtroom and trial procedures, and discretion in the court.

Upon completion of the seminar, attendees will be eligible to take an assessment exam in order to receive a certificate.  This seminar is approved for 0.8 CEUs.


 Workshop Sessions

  1. Introduction to trial presentation, courtroom technology & visual advocacy (Tim Piganelli)
  2. Introduction to the use of demonstrative graphics (Diarmuid Truax)
  3. Courtroom technology: overview of hardware and software (Diarmuid Truax)
  4. Overview, basic use, and demonstration of top trial presentation software (Tim Piganelli & faculty)
  5. Mock demonstration of trial technology opening
  6. Mock demonstration of trial technology direct
  7. Working with the client (Joe Cerda)
  8. Managing data when going to trial (Tim Piganelli)
  9. Basic trial advocacy for the trial presentation consultant (Steve Crandall)