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NCRA Certifications

Certified Reporting Instructor

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This seminar is offered annually at the NCRA Annual Convention and Exposition. Detailed information about the event is updated each spring. Please visit the Annual Convention page for more information on the next CRI course offering.

The Certified Reporting Instructor (CRI) program for teachers of court reporting has been developed to encourage excellence in the educational programs that prepare tomorrow's court reporters.

*Must have a minimum of 10 enrollees to hold workshop at NCRA Annual Convention & Expo.


This course is restricted to educators, administrators, and reporters.  After attending the orientation and successfully completing the required assignments, candidates must become a NCRA member prior to being granted the CRI designation.

CRI Certification Requirements

The individual must attend a NCRA Council on Approved Student Education-sponsored Orientation session for CRI. 

Required for all CRI candidates, this program will expand your level of knowledge for becoming a more effective realtime reporting instructor.  In 13 hours of intensive, interactive instruction, you will:

  • have an opportunity to learn about successful teaching methods and communication with students
  • gain insight into the learning process, development of course syllabi and lesson plans
  • interact through role play of various classroom scenarios

After participation in the Orientation and successful completion of the assignments, the candidate is granted the CRI designation, effective for three years from the date of completion of the seminar.

All assignments must be completed by the deadline or not later than six months from the class date, if granted an extension.

Continuing Education

As in most dynamic professions, continuing education is the lifeblood of survival and competence.  During the three years of certification, the CRI must maintain NCRA membership and must participate in continuing education to retain the CRI status. That is, the CRI must earn 3.0 CEUs within the three years.

For further information on the CRI program, please email NCRA's Member Services and Information Center at or call 1-800/272-NCRA (6272).

Master Certified Reporting Instructor (MCRI)

The MCRI is no longer being offered. However, members can still hold the designation. A MCRI is one who has received the highest honor the court reporting education profession has to bestow. MCRI certification is a badge of merit, declaring that an instructor is highly accomplished, having met rigorous professional teaching standards by completing a multi-phase, performance-based assessment process.