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NCRA Certifications

Certified Realtime Reporter

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For testing dates, location, costs, etc., please visit the Certification Test Center.

Prove you're on the cutting edge. Become a Certified Realtime Reporter and take advantage of the growing number of opportunities becoming available to realtime reporters. As one of the top national programs that certifies your ability in realtime, attaining the CRR designation commands instant respect and the immediate attention of potential employers.

Changes to the Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR)

As of November 2011, the Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR) skills test is a two-voice question-and-answer (Q&A) at 200 wpm at 96% accuracy. As both freelance and official reporters primarily write question-and-answer (Q&A) material, the NCRA Board of Directors, along with NCRA testing committees, determined that a Q&A test at a slightly faster speed would be the most relevant test content for judicial reporters. The Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) will remain a mandatory prerequisite for the CRR, while the Certified Realtime Captioner (CRC) test will remain straight literary matter at 180 wpm at 96% accuracy.

Who is eligible to sit for the CRR Exam?

You must be a member in good standing of NCRA and a current RPR to register for the CRR.

How to register for the CRR Exam

All RPRs are eligible to take the CRR Exam. Please visit the CRR Testing Information page to register. 

What it takes to pass the CRR Exam

  1. The CRR Exam consists of three steps:
    Setting up and operating your equipment
  2. Accurately writing realtime for five minutes at 96% accuracy from professionally recorded two-voice question-and-answer (Q&A) material at the speed of 200 words per minute.
  3. Converting your file to an ASCII text file. You are only graded on your final submitted text file.

How you maintain your CRR Certification

You will need to maintain your CRR by participating in NCRA's Continuing Education program. You must maintain your NCRA membership and earn a minimum of 3.0 CEUs over a three-year period. These are the same 3.0 CEUs needed to maintain your RPR.

Recognition of your achievement

After you have earned your CRR you will receive a handsome certificate to display in your home or office. You will also be recognized in the Journal of Court Reporting, the Court Reporter Sourcebook, and on NCRA's Web site.

You will also receive .25 PDCs for passing the CRR Exam.