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Awards & Contests

CASE Award of Excellence

Council on Approved Student Education | CASE Award of Excellence:

The Council on Approved Student Education Award of Excellence is an award conferred upon an outstanding educator. This person exemplifies dedication to students and extraordinary contributions to reporter education.

NCRA announces the opening of the 2017 CASE Award of Excellence - This scholarship is closed.

Nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Nominee must be on the faculty of an NCRA-approved reporting program.
  • Nominee must be a member of NCRA.
  • Nominee must have at least five years’ experience teaching and not be a past award recipient.
  • Nominations must include the completed Nomination form.
  • Nominee cannot be a current CASE member.

Nominations can be submitted by students, fellow faculty members, administrators, or NCRA members. The NCRA Award of Excellence Nomination Form must be used to nominate an educator. A letter or an e-mail in its place will not be considered, and the nomination will be considered incomplete. Nominations will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Student Engagement/Mentoring: Explain how the nominee supported student activities, including counseling, placement assistance and advising groups.
  • Teaching/Instruction: Demonstrate the nominee’s excellence in teaching based on contemporary, research-based knowledge of court reporting education, and the development of  teaching aids and methods.
  • Leadership: Outline the nominee’s leadership skills by providing examples of the nominee’s problem-solving, motivating, and guidance skills.
  • Professional Development: Demonstrate how the nominee has served the advancement of the profession through involvement in professional organizations or creation of  professional development programs.
  • Research: Cite examples of the nominee's research and writing that advances court reporting education or the field.

 (For students submitting:  Please seek assistance from a faculty member or administrator to gather the above-mentioned information for the faculty member you are nominating.)

DEADLINE for 2017 nominations:  This scholarship is closed.

CASE Award of Excellence Forms:

For more information on the CASE Award of Excellence, please contact a member of our Education Team at