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Legal Videography

CLVS Resources & Networking

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NCRA provides legal videographer training via the CLVS Video in the Legal Environment Seminar. This Seminar is held two or three a year in varying locations around the country. Learn more.

Certified Legal Video Specialist certification

The use of video in the legal environment is growing fast. Freelance depositions, courtroom video, video depositions ... opportunities for legal video experts are unlimited. NCRA’s Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) program can prepare and certify you for these opportunities.

Certification maintenance

The CLVS certification must be renewed annually. For nonmembers, the renewal fee is $60. If you are a Registered, Participating, or Associate Member of NCRA, your certification is renewed by paying your regular annual dues. The deadline to submit your renewal for the 2018 year is Dec. 31, 2017.

2017 Nonmember Renewal Form

Online networking


LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing online professional-networking sites. Used primarily as a resume-building tool, users can find jobs, look for employees, and build their professional connections. There are two groups available; both require approval to join.

Not a member of LinkedIn? Visit the LinkedIn homepage for more information or to join.


Facebook is the largest online community used for both social and professional networking. NCRA has a main Facebook page, a page dedicated to CLVSs and legal video, and a variety of discussion groups, including one dedicated to legal video.

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Many professionals use Twitter as a means to connect, share information, and follow along with news. Many of NCRA’s tweets for legal videographers use the #legalvideo and/or #CLVS hashtags.

Not a member of Twitter? Visit the Twitter homepage for more information or to join.

The NCRA Sourcebook

The NCRA Sourcebook includes all current NCRA members, including CLVSs. The print version is updated annually. The online version is updated regularly. Find other CLVSs by narrowing down the credentials or services search fields. Visit the NCRA Online Sourcebook.

NCRA membership

Anyone who wants become or who has been certified by the Association as a legal video specialist (CLVS) is eligible to become an Associate Member. You do not need to be certified to join, however you must have begun the certification process. Learn more about the value of NCRA membership for legal videographers or join now.

Documents and forms

CLVS Standards — These standards are maintained by the CLVS Council.
CLVS Job Analysis — This document is the blueprint for the CLVS certification.



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