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Court Reporting

Freelance Resources

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Resources for Starting and Maintaining Your Own Court Reporting Business

These are resources that might be used most often by freelance court reporters. For those who are already aware of these resources, please take the time to look into them and make sure you have the most current information.

General Small Business Resources

Government Resources

Captioning Resources

Write a Business Plan

A business plan will help you determine what your goal is in opening a new business, it describes your product or service and also discusses your competition, to name a few. This is an absolute must before attempting to take the next step in opening your business as it helps you solidify your purpose is and what your goals are.

Here are examples of business plans:

Small Business Administration Business Planning

Write a Marketing Plan

Once you have defined your goals for your business, you need to write a marketing plan that describes how you intend to let potential clients know about your products and services. A typical marketing plan has descriptions on an analysis of the competitive market and offers budget analysis for a marketing plan.

Here are examples of marketing plans: Marketing Plan examples

Small Business Administration Marketing Plan Tips

The Write Market - Marketing Plan Outlines

Educate Yourself on Legal Aspects

Look up local tax laws, employment laws, human resources information, and hiring procedures.

Here is information on tax laws and financing your business:

IRS Business Information

Turbo Tax - Tips

Small Business Association Financing tips

Bank of America Small Business Resource Center

Hiring and Human Resources


SHRM - Society for Human Resource Management

NCRA Professional Advantage