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Committees & Task Forces

National Committee of State Associations Governing Committee

The National Committee of State Associations (NCSA) provides a forum for delegates appointed by affiliated reporter associations to exchange experiences, information, and various points of view about matters of current relevance to NCRA, affiliates, and the profession.


Huey Bang, RMR, CRR, Pass Christian, MS

Vice Chair

Cindy Isaacsen, RPR, Shawnee, KS


Northeast: Darlene Sousa, RPR, Stoneham, MA

South:  Carol L. Naughton, RPR, Virginia Beach, VA

Midwest: Clarice Howard, Lexington, KY

Central:  Lance Boardman, RDR, CRR, Cleveland, OH

Mountain: Yvette Heinze, RPR, Helena, MT

West:  Elizabeth A. Harvey, RPR, Seattle, WA

Staff Liaison

Matthew R. Barusch, Manager, State Government Relations

Regional territories

Northeast South Midwest Central Mountain West
Maine Maryland Kentucky Louisiana Idaho California
Vermont Washington, D.C. West Virginia Texas Utah Washington
New Hampshire Virginia Indiana Arkansas (Not an affiliate) Colorado Oregon
Massachusetts North Carolina Michigan Missouri Wyoming Alaska
Connecticut South Carolina Wisconsin Oklahoma Montana Hawaii
Rhode Island Georgia Illinois Kansas New Mexico Nevada
New York Florida Iowa Nebraska North Dakota Arizona
New Jersey Alabama   Ohio South Dakota Alberta
Pennsylvania Mississippi     Minnesota British Columbia
Delaware Tennessee     Ontario  
  Bahamas     Saskatchewan  
  Trinidad and Tobago        
  Virgin Islands