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Board of Directors

Doreen Sutton, FAPR, RPR, CSR, CR

Vice President
Scottsdale, Arizona

Doreen Sutton is a freelance reporter from Scottsdale, Ariz., with 23 years of experience, was installed to serve as NCRA Vice President. She holds the nationally recognized professional certification of Registered Professional Reporter and has covered depositions, arbitrations, and mediations. She also has grand jury and CART experience as well as per-diem experience reporting for the various superior court venues in Arizona. As a member of NCRA, she has served on the Association’s Test Advisory Committee and in various other volunteer roles. She has also served as a contributor to NCRA’s membership publication, the JCR. Sutton has also served as NCRA Secretary-Treasurer. She is also a Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters.

Active at the state level, Sutton is a past president of the Arizona Court Reporters Association (ACRA) and has also served as editor of its membership publication, ArizoNotes, and as co-chair of its Student Seminars. In 2013, she was awarded ACRA’s Distinguished Service Award. Sutton holds certifications in the states of California and Arizona. Prior to entering the court reporting profession, Sutton worked in the areas of banking, bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting.