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About NCRA

NCRA is internationally recognized as the premier educational and informational resource for its members and the public. Through its actively involved membership, the association impacts legislative issues and the global marketplace. NCRA's certification programs provide members opportunities for success and recognition.

NCRA Mission Statement

The National Court Reporters Association promotes excellence among those who capture and convert the spoken word to text and is committed to supporting every member in achieving the highest level of professional expertise.

President's Address

Because some of my fellow board colleagues and I visited the Mob Museum earlier this week and since we are in Las Vegas, I have a strange question for you before we begin:

Show of hands, how many of you have heard of Jimmy Hoffa?

Board Member Spotlight
R. Max Curry, Jr., RPR, CRI, CCR, B.C.R.
Franklin, Tennessee

Roy M. Curry, Jr., is a court reporter from Franklin, Tenn., with more than 25 years of experience. Curry, who owns Elite Reporting Services, also taught court reporting to students at the Tennessee Career College in Nashville. He holds a bachelor’s degree of court reporting from the University of Mississippi.