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Welcome to the Freelance Reporting homepage! Designed with the freelance reporter in mind, this page is the center of news, discussion, and information on your profession.

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Latest News
January 11 - New realtime training task force assembles in Chicago
January 10 - Court reporting makes business insider 2012 abundant jobs list
The social services industry has been on the rise creating jobs since 2009, court reporting is on the list. ...MORE
January 9 - NCRA Defends Steno Reporting in Letter to the Miami Herald
NCRA President Doug Friend submitted a letter to the editor to the Miami Herald that was published defending the role of the stenographic court reporter in the court system. His submission comes in response to an article published by the Herald that blamed the court reporter for having to retry a convicted criminal. ...MORE
December 16 - Technology brings headaches, help to Wash. courtrooms
While wireless technology can pose some difficulty when it comes to leaking information from inside the courtoom (i.e., jurors tweeting about the case), it can also make some processes quicker and easier. ...MORE