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Promoting Realtime

TRAIN: Taking Realtime Awareness and Innovation Nationwide

RealtimeBased on feedback provided by members through Writing Our Future, NCRA has established the TRAIN program to help court reporters get past their reluctance to writing realtime.

  • The goal of the TRAIN Program is to create an influx of realtime reporters to meet marketplace demand and to allow court reporters to differentiate themselves from other methods of making the record. 
  • Designed for delivery in small group settings at the local level, the TRAIN program will rely on state associations and individual members to carry the message to reporters that experience has shown is the ideal setting for helping them make the transition to realtime. 

Turbo Realtime Train


Fast-track your individual learning to get you on your way to writing realtime. Some basic things you need to know are included in the links below for your realtime hardware and software needs, a few basic realtime writing tips, and some ideas on how to overcome your fears. If you don’t have access to a local TRAIN group, you at least have access to some great information just for you!  And if you are involved in a TRAIN group, there’s some great things in here to have fresh in mind before your next meeting.

Hardware TipsHardware tips Software Tips
software tools, specific software
writing tips
dictionary maintenance, improving your writing
Fighting Fears Tips
resources, realtime horror stories

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RealtimeState Association Leaders information

References and guidance for our State Association Leaders. What are your state's specific realtime needs? What will it take to get your statewide official and freelance reporters interested in implementing realtime into their everyday work lives? Take realtime in your state into your own hands! The above PDF document will give you some assistance.

RealtimeInformation for TRAINers and those Creating Local TRAIN Groups

In the past, the NCRA TRAIN Committee has reached out to qualified individuals to become a TRAINer - people to help spread the word and assist in getting realtime TRAIN moving down the tracks. The above PDF document has been created to give access to our gracious state TRAINERs who have volunteered their time to try and rally the troops in their home states as well as anyone else wanting information and guidance on creating a local TRAIN Group in your area.

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Train GuidelinesTRAIN Guidelines

What are the guidelines for starting a local TRAIN group? Basically, there are none! Click on the "TRAIN Guidelines" link above if you want more information about what is expected.


The masterminds behind the creation of TRAIN have had specific goals for Taking Realtime Awareness and Innovation Nationwide since its inception. This FAQ includes "What is TRAIN?"  "Do I need to be a CRR or write realtime every day to be a TRAIN leader?" and "What does it take to lead a TRAIN meeting?"

Help ButtonStill need help?

Click here to find your TRAIN representative or to contact the current NCRA public relations specialist.

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Download Train App

NCRA's TRAIN app is an on-the-go guide for troubleshooting, creating TRAIN groups, and much, much more!

The TRAIN app is not available in app stores, such as the iPhone App Store or Google Play. It is, however, available from the above link. It was created by NCRA Director Sue Terry and is safe to download!

Check it out in your idle time -- this mobile reference guide can be accessed from your phone while waiting for an appointment. What better use of that time than spent becoming familiar with all of this great realtime information!


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NCRA's Realtime TRAIN Facebook page is a great place to learn realtime tips from other reporters around the country, ask questions, and join in on or view some interesting realtime discussions! There is strength in numbers. We need you! Please join us!

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PDF Icon TRAIN Online Resources
PDF Icon TRAIN Online References and Other Resources
Youtube Icon View a complete video series on the TRAIN Playlist.