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Current Legislation Nationwide

NCRA's Government Relations Department actively monitors legislation around the country that will impact the court reporting profession. Below is a list of current legislation in being debated nationwide that NCRA is monitoring as well as previous key legislation.

State Legislative Bills

Alabama House Bill 571- Relates to court reporting services; provides for contracts for providing court reporting services. This legislation is currently pending.

Mississippi House Bill 689 - Legislation that would prohibit long-term, third-party contracts for court reporting services. This legislation is based on NCRA's Model Legislation on Contracting.

Ohio House Bill 487The Ohio Court Reporters Association is once again opposing language that would eliminate transcript income from official court reporters.

Georgia House Bill 149 - This bill would have weakened Georgia's existing contracting law. It has been defeated for now.

Utah House Bill 154 - a bill that would allow individuals other than certified court reporters to take depositions and produce a certified transcript.

Kansas House Bill 2484 - The Kansas Court Reporters Association achieved a significant legislative victory that required a court reporter to be certified to take depositions in the state of Kansas.

New Jersey House Bill 1436 - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed legislation that would have instituted firm registration in the state.

Interested in who is representing you? Look up your federal, state, and local elected officals.

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