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To better serve NCRA’s Certified CART Providers and CART consumers, at the recommendation of the CART Community of Interest NCRA will be adjusting how providers are placed within the CART Provider Directory.  The directory will list first in alphabetical order under each city and state individuals who have achieved NCRA’s Certified CART Provider designation (CCP).  Next will be those individuals who hold any other NCRA certification, followed by those individuals who do not have an NCRA certification.  The CART Community of Interest strongly believes in the need for certification; therefore, the decision to emphasize certifications in how providers are listed in the Source Book.


NCRA strongly believes that CART providers should accept assignments using discretion with regard to skill, setting and the consumers involved, and accurately represent their qualifications for CART. As NCRA's Code of Professional Ethics clearly states, "A member shall be truthful and accurate when making public statements or when advertising the member's qualification or the services provided."


NCRA believes that Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) should only be offered by qualified CART providers who can impartially, effectively, and accurately perform realtime translation as an aid to communication for people with hearing loss or people who would otherwise benefit from this accommodation.


As noted in the CART Provider's Manual, published by NCRA's CART Community, the nationally recognized Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) designation at this time is a requisite for the qualified CART provider. The RPR certifies the entry-level reporter's ability to provide a verbatim record at speeds ranging from 180 to 225 words per minute with a minimum accuracy of 95 percent. The Community also recommends the attainment of the Certified CART Provider (CCP or Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR) designation. A CCP or CRR has proven his or her ability to write realtime at variable speeds ranging from 180 to 200 words per minute with a minimum accuracy of 96 percent. Further, the CCP has met the minimum standards expected of all reporters offering this critical service. NCRA urges all CART providers to familiarize themselves with the CART Provider's Manual.


For more information on the ethical behavior expected of CART providers, view Section III and Section IV of the Guidelines for Professional Practice as published by the National Court Reporters Association. For more information on the professional skills expected of qualified CART providers, view the Consumer Bill of Rights.

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